Austin Marathon: T-18 Weeks Recap

I had a pretty good week this week, I think. Finally got over the 30 miles/week threshold clocking in at 34.4, and running it in just under 5 total hours. Not bad.

Monday was a good way to get it going. Running during a cold front in Austin in October is kinda crazy:

Tuesday is when I was really able to get in the groove for the week.

It’s nice to be almost halfway to your distance goal after only two days! Unfortunately, my work schedule caught up with me on Wednesday and I was only able to get in about a 5K.

Back on the horse on Thursday morning though. My body didn’t agree it was a good idea until about mile 2.5. It always helps to have a running buddy to force you out of bed at 6:15am:

Skipped Friday by design. Saturday I was hoping to get in around 4 miles, but the weather didn’t cooperate in the morning. And my laziness didn’t cooperate in the evening.

The weather was atrocious in the morning on Sunday… but luckily for everyone going to Austin City Limits, it cleared up by 10 am. I wasn’t able to get my run in until the evening. I initially was going to do just 6 miles because I’m pretty busy with work (big presentation tomorrow!), but I kept feeling good and kept extending it until… well… I did a half marathon. Not a bad way to finish.

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