Austin Marathon: T-15 Weeks Recap

50 mile week! I was able (just) to cross that threshold Sunday morning on my long(ish) run with Chris. So, I was able to complete the Lace ’em Up Strava Challenge (which I think gets me $10 off a RoadID!):

The week started out without much incident. Monday and Tuesday were solid 8ish milers at right around 8:00/mi pace:

Wednesday was fun. I did almost all of it with Indy, and when I split off to add a little on my own, I ran through hordes of tricker-treaters. (Somehow I always forget that Halloween is actually on the 31st of October… in pre-kid adulthood, Halloween seems like it’s just the last weekend before November.)

I felt sick on Wednesday, and I think taking that Halloween run actually put my cold over the edge, so I took Thursday off, and took Friday and Saturday pretty easy (although they were still north of 8 miles each, I backed off the pace):

Ended up doing 11 miles at race pace with Chris to cross the 50 mile week threshold. Didn’t feel great (until I realized afterward that it’s because we were running fast).

Good week.


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