Austin Marathon: T-4 Weeks Recap

Coming down to it! This week was a good improvement (although it’s easy to get in a ~40 mile week when your long run is up to 20 miles).

Started out kind of slow on Tuesday. Too much pizza plus a couple of beers left me kind of loaded down for the first few miles. I didn’t really get going until the last mile before getting home:

On Thursday came probably my best run of my whole training! Starting out at 8:15/mile pace, I had completely reverse splits (meaning every mile was faster than the one before it). My last mile was at about 6:55/mile pace! With an average of of 7:24/mile for 8.5 miles. I felt awesome (and finally healthy again).

I followed that up with a nice quick 4 on Friday:

And then a really solid long run (19.5 miles) on Sunday to polish of the week yesterday. I was hoping to get this above 20 miles, but I messed up by thinking taking the trail (instead of the sidewalk) down to Town Lake would net me more than it did.

So, that’ll be the longest run I do pre-marathon. I need to have a really solid week this week because I’m headed to Boston to see Hillary (yay!), but it’s pretty cold there so I’m sure I’ll chicken out over the weekend. Then I’ll need another really solid week following the trip. But without too big of a long run that weekend because by then we’re down to taper time!

Big goal for the next month: lose a few pounds (or at least don’t gain any) while tapering back the mileage. That’ll come in big on race day.

Run Happy!

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