Austin Marathon: T-2 Weeks Recap

Whelp… I’ve officially done my last pre-marathon double-digit miles run. Now, let the relaxing and true tapering begin. Runs now will be mostly about getting some blood flow and stretching out my legs, not so much for performance.

These last two weeks went really well: every run (including the longer ones) was at tempo. I think that bodes well for race day, but we’ll see!

In other news, I participated in the Strava “Base Miles Blast” Challenge, which was basically a collective challenge to run as many miles as possible during the month of January.

Base Mile Blast

I think I did pretty well on this one: 122 miles total last month! That put me at 1455 out of 9519 participants, which ain’t too shabby. I didn’t even come close to the guy who won… who ran a ridiculous 602.5 miles last month (jaw hits floor).

So anyway… training basically complete. There will be no more gains in fitness other than the general recovery that comes with two weeks of a lighter load. The big challenge now is to not gain weight in the meantime.

Run Happy!


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