Marathon: T-2 Days Recap

Race weekend. It’s here.

I’ve had that nervous energy that comes with race weekend for the last couple of days. I’ve been re-reading an Austin Marathon course-guide written by Rob Hill (he coaches Team Spiridon), and it’s getting me excited and scared. Which is good.

It’s just that weird time of training… where I’m not actually training any more. And it’s irrational, but I’m terrified that I’ve lost everything over the last two weeks of tapering because I haven’t done anything recently to show myself it’s still there. So… basically I’ve gone ’round the bend.

I did get a nice little run in last night, and I got to see a short section of the course I hadn’t seen before (just the part going up Jackson to Bull Creek), but it’s nice to be able to visualize it all. In various pieces through many different runs I’ve almost run the cumulative length of the route. The only part I didn’t get to is the the part right at the northern end of the course: going east from Great Northern Blvd to Duval. (And also, the time I ran Duval was going the wrong direction: it was going uphill. But I think I can mentally make the adjustment to running downhill to the finish!)

Anyway… I’ve been trying to fine tune my nutrition plan, and visualize the race. Here we go… less than 48 hours to go.

For anyone interested in tracking me, you can follow me using the Austin Marathon App (just click the picture!). My bib number is #2715. Assuming everything works out there, you should be able to see my 5k, 5mi, 10mi, Half Marathon, 20mi, and Finish times as they happen. The app also will use my pace (up to the last check point) to guess where I am, so you can sort of follow me as I run the course, too!

Good luck to everyone who’ll be out there with me!

Run Hard. Run Happy. Here we go!

One thought on “Marathon: T-2 Days Recap”

  1. I am oddly excited about this even though it has nothing to do with me. I definitely plan to follow you using the app 🙂 Good Luck!!!

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