Antisocial Social Media

I met Kerstin Nordstrom at the APS March Meeting at the Tweetup. This is her look at the use of social media in the physics world.

Figure One

Science is online now, right? And everyone’s on Twitter now, right? Not so fast. The people at the frontiers of science are not necessarily at the frontiers of communication technology.

by Kerstin Nordstrom


I still feel like a noob when it comes to Twitter. I like it in principle, and I am following and am followed by some really interesting people with awesome ideas and stories to share. But even with my paltry network, I’m overwhelmed by the deluge.  My primary job is not science writing, it’s academic science. So in the midst of experiments, meetings, and classes I can easily go days or weeks without looking at it. But I’m trying, and getting better.

In March, I attended the aptly-named March Meeting, the largest physics conference in the world. With the meeting boasting over 8,000 attendees, the convention center in Baltimore was bursting at the seams. The…

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