A Life Update (Using PHDComics)

So, I last posted quite some time ago. At the time, my dissertation was merely an outline:

And, at the time of my last post, I had had this conversation about a year before:

And… Hillary had also made this point:

But because of the voodoo guilt spell they entrance you with upon entering graduate school, we still didn’t see each other as often as we would have liked. Thank goodness for modern technology.

Since this didn’t happen last winter:

…it was time to get cracking on the whole writing thing.

So naturally, the next thing I did was marry the love of my life and leave on a honeymoon:

And then I was back, as a newly married man. Full of motivation to move up Boston to be with Hillary.

…and the questioning intensified:

So I tried some of this:

…and then wrote, and rewrote everything multiple times.

I experienced every combination of these:

(Except one… can you guess which?)

Did one of these:

And then I got my dissertation to the committee:

At ~250 pages… you can imagine I killed many trees during the editing process:

I then successfully defended! (With many friends and colleagues from both in and out of graduate school present.)


I then celebrated with my friends and family that weekend:

Tailgating Football!

And then this sequence of events happened almost verbatim:

(The only difference was my margins were fine… but apparently one of my supervisors was technically my “co-supervisor,” requiring a new round of committee member signatures.)

And now… I’m training the new folks and wrapping up some old projects. Soon I’ll be on my way to Boston.

…anyone up there hiring?

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