Austin Marathon: T-10 Weeks Recap

Back to it! Had a great week of running. Almost 40 miles on the week and ending with the Decker Challenge.

I started with two shorter runs on Monday and Tuesday evening. I should have made at least one of them a 6+ miler, but I was just trying to make sure I got myself in a good groove for the week so I didn’t want to push it:

I almost didn’t go on Wednesday. But I got some late evening inspiration and went out for more than 8:

Rounded out the week with a nice Friday evening run before taking Saturday off before Decker:

Race day was pretty awesome. I went into it expecting nothing: just planning on treating it like a training run. That’s because it’s notoriously hilly, the weather was supposed to be (and was!) really humid and muggy, and I had been training all week (as opposed to tapering for the race). I was really pleasantly surprised with the outcome:

Nothing like setting a Half Marathon PR on a tough course on a less-than-ideal weather day. I felt great all day and ran negative splits (faster second half–7:15 min/miles–than first half–7:37 min/miles).

I started with the 1:40:00 pace group, figuring I’d drop off the back after a while (my previous PR was 1:41:17, so I wasn’t expecting to hang with them the whole time). But since I was feeling good, I decided to move in front of them to avoid the tight clustering in the pack… I ended up dropping them and getting a 4 minute PR: 1:37:17 official chip time.

Makes me feel much more confident for the marathon!

Here are the results highlights: 54th of 1032 Overall, 6th of 47 in Age Group (M 25-29), 52nd of 501 in Gender. Not a bad day.

Austin Marathon: T-11 Weeks Recap

Better week than before… getting back into the swing of things.

Two solid mid week runs:

And a solid 10 miler with Chris on Saturday:

One week until the Decker Challenge (Half Marathon)! Going to continue rebuilding my weekly mileage. 26.2 miles for the last week is good for getting back at it. My goal for this week is 40+. Lace ’em up!

Austin Marathon: T-12 Weeks Recap

Real little late on the update. It was another low volume week because of the Fellowship proposal. But finally that’s done and turned in!

Just two runs last week… but fast:

Absolutely killed the 10 miler with Chris on Sunday:

Blazing (for us anyway). 10 miles at 7:20/mi pace is definitely my current ceiling for speed/distance combo. That projects to 3:23:40 marathon time… so I’m right on track to hit my goal! Gotta get my volume up going forward though.

Decker Challenge (Half Marathon) is in two weeks! ‘Tis the Season (to RUN)!

Austin Marathon: T-13 Weeks Recap

A little late on the update. It was a low volume week for running because of this Fellowship proposal for next fall that’s been keeping me crazy busy.

Just two runs last week… but relatively high volume considering. 6-miler midweek:

Plus a 16.5 miler with Chris on Sunday (longest run I’ve ever done!)

Had to walk a bit toward the end on that last one. Pretty sure it’s because I ran out of calories to burn (I “bonked” in runner’s parlance). But felt surprisingly good the whole time, and didn’t have that rough of a recovery: a bit sore Sunday and Monday, but felt great by Tuesday.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving! And a long weekend that I can catch up on some runs 🙂

Austin Marathon: T-14 Weeks Recap

Kind of a weak training week. A busy schedule and a fiancĂ© in town don’t necessarily correlate with a lot of time to pound the pavement.

However, I found great success at the Walk With Me 5K!

I ran most of it on Chris’ heals, until he pulled away from me on a bit of an uphill where we were running into the wind. He finished just north of 19:00, and I ran my first sub-20! (Although: grain of salt here. Strava begs to differ on both my final time and the total course distance. However, the event clock read 19:36 when I crossed… so I’m going to claim a PR).

As a team I think we had four people finish in the top ten (Chris, Me, Jake and Andrew). More importantly, we raised the second most money of any team. Go Dream Catchers!

If you’re interested, you can still donate here.


Chafing for a Cause: Walk With Me

This upcoming Veterans Day weekend, I’ll be running a 5K for a cause! The Easter Seals Walk With Me fundraiser is an event to help support families living with disabilities.

Specifically, the team I’m running with, The Dream Catchers, is raising funds for the Community & Housing Services Department at Easter Seals Central Texas. This is basically the organization I worked for while I was an AmeriCorps VISTA my first year in Austin (after a little restructuring and a merger between United Cerebral Palsy of Texas and Easter Seals Central Texas)!

The Thompson family in front of their new, accessible home.

The funding is going to do a lot of good. It will:

  • Maintain Easter Seals’ affordable and accessible rental units for low-income disabled households
  • Assist first-time homebuyers purchase a new home and make it wheelchair accessible Help disabled folks get back to work, further their education, or connect with their families by providing them with a $100 computer
  • Support a family transition into long-term housing through the Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program. These are 2 year vouchers that households use to rent in the private housing market while working with our staff to find a long-term housing solution.
  • Assist a family in need of modifications to their houses to make them wheelchair accessible through the CHAMP program. This program can be the difference between independence or having to move into a nursing home.
  • Support for Accessible Housing Austin!, a first of its kind nonprofit housing development organization that is controlled by low-income people with disabilities so that they are empowered to develop housing that truly meets their community’s needs.

If this sounds like something you’re on board with, consider helping us spread the word and raise some funds during the season of Thanksgiving. You can donate here. As a team, we’ve already raised $2,625! We’re working toward a goal of $3,000 so we’re almost there!

Thank you, and all the best.

Austin Marathon: T-15 Weeks Recap

50 mile week! I was able (just) to cross that threshold Sunday morning on my long(ish) run with Chris. So, I was able to complete the Lace ’em Up Strava Challenge (which I think gets me $10 off a RoadID!):

The week started out without much incident. Monday and Tuesday were solid 8ish milers at right around 8:00/mi pace:

Wednesday was fun. I did almost all of it with Indy, and when I split off to add a little on my own, I ran through hordes of tricker-treaters. (Somehow I always forget that Halloween is actually on the 31st of October… in pre-kid adulthood, Halloween seems like it’s just the last weekend before November.)

I felt sick on Wednesday, and I think taking that Halloween run actually put my cold over the edge, so I took Thursday off, and took Friday and Saturday pretty easy (although they were still north of 8 miles each, I backed off the pace):

Ended up doing 11 miles at race pace with Chris to cross the 50 mile week threshold. Didn’t feel great (until I realized afterward that it’s because we were running fast).

Good week.

Austin Marathon: T-16 Weeks Recap

This was a light week by design, but I was only planning on backing off about 1/3 of my weekly mileage …I ended up backing off more like 3/4 of my weekly mileage.

The marathon is far enough away that this is still ok. It was a busy week without a lot of sleep leading up to a busy weekend with my professor’s symposium and my fiancĂ© in town, so taking the mornings and evening off seems like it was the right decision.

This is especially true because during the two runs I did get in I wasn’t really feeling it:

This week I’m trying to get my mileage north of 50 as part of a Strava Challenge:

Off to a good start this morning with a 7.8 miler!

Austin Marathon: T-17 Weeks Recap

Another great week. Matched and bested my volume, coming in at 36.8 miles this week. Thought about adding a quick four miler today for get over the forty threshold… but I don’t think I need to push it yet.

Took the Monday after my previous solo half marathon off. Then ran 6.2 with Eddy:

Wednesday was awesome. I ran my longest tempo run to date. I also set PRs for the 400m, 1/2 mile, 1k, and 5k distances!

Followed that up with a really pleasant run with Indy on Thursday:

And another easy run on Friday, so as not to get too tired for a long run on Saturday:

I forgot to tweet out my run right away… but Saturday was a nice double loop of Town Lake at almost race pace with Chris. Felt really good. Weather was perfect:

Feeling really good about training so far.

Austin Marathon: T-18 Weeks Recap

I had a pretty good week this week, I think. Finally got over the 30 miles/week threshold clocking in at 34.4, and running it in just under 5 total hours. Not bad.

Monday was a good way to get it going. Running during a cold front in Austin in October is kinda crazy:

Tuesday is when I was really able to get in the groove for the week.

It’s nice to be almost halfway to your distance goal after only two days! Unfortunately, my work schedule caught up with me on Wednesday and I was only able to get in about a 5K.

Back on the horse on Thursday morning though. My body didn’t agree it was a good idea until about mile 2.5. It always helps to have a running buddy to force you out of bed at 6:15am:

Skipped Friday by design. Saturday I was hoping to get in around 4 miles, but the weather didn’t cooperate in the morning. And my laziness didn’t cooperate in the evening.

The weather was atrocious in the morning on Sunday… but luckily for everyone going to Austin City Limits, it cleared up by 10 am. I wasn’t able to get my run in until the evening. I initially was going to do just 6 miles because I’m pretty busy with work (big presentation tomorrow!), but I kept feeling good and kept extending it until… well… I did a half marathon. Not a bad way to finish.