Austin Marathon Recap

I did it. It is done. It hurt a lot (but in a good way… mostly).


For those interested, my race results are here. And you can see the Strava map for my mile-by-mile splits (which are mostly accurate, but the data is a little noisy in downtown).

As for a summary of the results: my chip time was 3:21:28, which comes to 7:41/mile. I beat my goal pace!

Other fun results for the day include being 34/326 in my division (M 25-29), 199/2235 among men, and 224/3638 overall! I really couldn’t be more happy with the results.

Many thanks to everyone at Conley Sports, who put on the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon & Half Marathon, for such a well run and fun event! It’s really a great course and fun day, and that’s largely because of the crew they’ve got running it.

Here are some highlights from the day:

Getting Ready
Luke, Meredith and Grant at the starting corral.
Lookin' Good
My biggest fan.
Ready... Set...
Moments before the starting gun.
Mile 8
Hillary took an action shot of me close to Mile 8
This way
Because of where she was standing at the finish… it turns out the kisses were 26.2 miles in the other direction.
All the finishers
Meredith, Grant and me celebrating!
Sexy Sweat
Inside at the VIP after party. Thanks to Eli for getting us in!
Heading Home
Waddling SLOWLY back to the car. Time for nap.

Marathon: T-2 Days Recap

Race weekend. It’s here.

I’ve had that nervous energy that comes with race weekend for the last couple of days. I’ve been re-reading an Austin Marathon course-guide written by Rob Hill (he coaches Team Spiridon), and it’s getting me excited and scared. Which is good.

It’s just that weird time of training… where I’m not actually training any more. And it’s irrational, but I’m terrified that I’ve lost everything over the last two weeks of tapering because I haven’t done anything recently to show myself it’s still there. So… basically I’ve gone ’round the bend.

I did get a nice little run in last night, and I got to see a short section of the course I hadn’t seen before (just the part going up Jackson to Bull Creek), but it’s nice to be able to visualize it all. In various pieces through many different runs I’ve almost run the cumulative length of the route. The only part I didn’t get to is the the part right at the northern end of the course: going east from Great Northern Blvd to Duval. (And also, the time I ran Duval was going the wrong direction: it was going uphill. But I think I can mentally make the adjustment to running downhill to the finish!)

Anyway… I’ve been trying to fine tune my nutrition plan, and visualize the race. Here we go… less than 48 hours to go.

For anyone interested in tracking me, you can follow me using the Austin Marathon App (just click the picture!). My bib number is #2715. Assuming everything works out there, you should be able to see my 5k, 5mi, 10mi, Half Marathon, 20mi, and Finish times as they happen. The app also will use my pace (up to the last check point) to guess where I am, so you can sort of follow me as I run the course, too!

Good luck to everyone who’ll be out there with me!

Run Hard. Run Happy. Here we go!

Austin Marathon: T-2 Weeks Recap

Whelp… I’ve officially done my last pre-marathon double-digit miles run. Now, let the relaxing and true tapering begin. Runs now will be mostly about getting some blood flow and stretching out my legs, not so much for performance.

These last two weeks went really well: every run (including the longer ones) was at tempo. I think that bodes well for race day, but we’ll see!

In other news, I participated in the Strava “Base Miles Blast” Challenge, which was basically a collective challenge to run as many miles as possible during the month of January.

Base Mile Blast

I think I did pretty well on this one: 122 miles total last month! That put me at 1455 out of 9519 participants, which ain’t too shabby. I didn’t even come close to the guy who won… who ran a ridiculous 602.5 miles last month (jaw hits floor).

So anyway… training basically complete. There will be no more gains in fitness other than the general recovery that comes with two weeks of a lighter load. The big challenge now is to not gain weight in the meantime.

Run Happy!


Austin Marathon: T-4 Weeks Recap

Coming down to it! This week was a good improvement (although it’s easy to get in a ~40 mile week when your long run is up to 20 miles).

Started out kind of slow on Tuesday. Too much pizza plus a couple of beers left me kind of loaded down for the first few miles. I didn’t really get going until the last mile before getting home:

On Thursday came probably my best run of my whole training! Starting out at 8:15/mile pace, I had completely reverse splits (meaning every mile was faster than the one before it). My last mile was at about 6:55/mile pace! With an average of of 7:24/mile for 8.5 miles. I felt awesome (and finally healthy again).

I followed that up with a nice quick 4 on Friday:

And then a really solid long run (19.5 miles) on Sunday to polish of the week yesterday. I was hoping to get this above 20 miles, but I messed up by thinking taking the trail (instead of the sidewalk) down to Town Lake would net me more than it did.

So, that’ll be the longest run I do pre-marathon. I need to have a really solid week this week because I’m headed to Boston to see Hillary (yay!), but it’s pretty cold there so I’m sure I’ll chicken out over the weekend. Then I’ll need another really solid week following the trip. But without too big of a long run that weekend because by then we’re down to taper time!

Big goal for the next month: lose a few pounds (or at least don’t gain any) while tapering back the mileage. That’ll come in big on race day.

Run Happy!

Austin Marathon: T-5 Weeks Recap

I was sick (it may or may not have been this flu everyone’s been talking about) from Sunday until Friday… so my running suffered. I did, however, still get in about 30 miles this week, which ain’t too shabby for being sick for so much of it. I also ran my longest run to date (18.4 miles), and it went pretty well.

My sick runs:

My long run (when I was feeling a bit better):

I managed just north of 8:20 pace for my long run. Which isn’t terrible… if I did that for another 8 miles it would translate into the top range of what I’d be happy with for my marathon time. But I’d really prefer to be around 8:00 pace come race day. But not bad for a sick week.

Austin Marathon: T-6 Weeks Recap

Missed the updates over Christmas Break. I got some runs in, including some pretty good ones. This month is really the time to hit it hard and take it to the finish.

Hoping to get in a nice 40+ mile week this week with something close to a 18 mile long run. However, I’ve somehow picked up a cold/flu bug, so hopefully that doesn’t keep me down (at least not too long).

Austin Marathon: T-9 Weeks Recap

So, last week was a little off for the training. That’ll happen when six days are on the road. Would have been nice to get at least north of 20 miles on the week, but that just didn’t work out.

Two runs on the treadmill:

And this one.

And then I got a great little 7ish miler in actually around the Oak Ridge National Lab campus:

This week has also started off slow… need to get back at it before and during the Christmas break!

Update: Oh! I really like my new shoes:


Austin Marathon: T-10 Weeks Recap

Back to it! Had a great week of running. Almost 40 miles on the week and ending with the Decker Challenge.

I started with two shorter runs on Monday and Tuesday evening. I should have made at least one of them a 6+ miler, but I was just trying to make sure I got myself in a good groove for the week so I didn’t want to push it:

I almost didn’t go on Wednesday. But I got some late evening inspiration and went out for more than 8:

Rounded out the week with a nice Friday evening run before taking Saturday off before Decker:

Race day was pretty awesome. I went into it expecting nothing: just planning on treating it like a training run. That’s because it’s notoriously hilly, the weather was supposed to be (and was!) really humid and muggy, and I had been training all week (as opposed to tapering for the race). I was really pleasantly surprised with the outcome:

Nothing like setting a Half Marathon PR on a tough course on a less-than-ideal weather day. I felt great all day and ran negative splits (faster second half–7:15 min/miles–than first half–7:37 min/miles).

I started with the 1:40:00 pace group, figuring I’d drop off the back after a while (my previous PR was 1:41:17, so I wasn’t expecting to hang with them the whole time). But since I was feeling good, I decided to move in front of them to avoid the tight clustering in the pack… I ended up dropping them and getting a 4 minute PR: 1:37:17 official chip time.

Makes me feel much more confident for the marathon!

Here are the results highlights: 54th of 1032 Overall, 6th of 47 in Age Group (M 25-29), 52nd of 501 in Gender. Not a bad day.

Austin Marathon: T-11 Weeks Recap

Better week than before… getting back into the swing of things.

Two solid mid week runs:

And a solid 10 miler with Chris on Saturday:

One week until the Decker Challenge (Half Marathon)! Going to continue rebuilding my weekly mileage. 26.2 miles for the last week is good for getting back at it. My goal for this week is 40+. Lace ’em up!